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Firming and Reshaping Treatments

Bizzy Body


RF LipoWave Treatment – 1 Part

Penetrates deep into skin layers with radio frequency waves, a renowned  revolutionary in slimming and firming.

Lipo CTS/ Lipo RVL

A new technology from USA for skin tightening & body contouring.

MDS Metabolic LipoMassage – 1 Part

Deep stimulation with vacuum-cupping massage to reduce cellulite and to reshape body.

BodySonic Ultrasound System – 1 Part

Uses extreme soundwaves to increase fat metabolism and improve skin hydration, giving a firming effect to the body.

BodyFirm MiracleWave System – 1 Part

Uses micro-current enhanced gloves to rejuvenate skin cells by enhancing muscle strength for firmer structure.

Firming Cold Wrap

Strengthens the elasticity of skin, tightens up derma-structures.
Firms up the body and helps the body detox.

Catena BodyPulse Firming Treatment

A passive fat-burning technique that utilizing electro-stimulation of muscles to burn off the extra adipose tissues in fat stores.

*Individual results may vary.