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How to Prevent Breast Sagging After Pregnancy

There’s no doubt that sagging breasts are a common concern for a pregnant woman. Unfortunately, sagging breasts are in a large part genetic. It is also normal for breast tissue to sag with age, regardless of whether a woman ever gives birth. This doesn’t mean that preventing or slowing down the process of breast sagging is impossible. In fact, women can do several things to keep their breasts perky for as long as possible. So what can you do to at least prevent it? Here’s how :

Step 1

Wear supportive undergarments during your pregnancy. Protecting the breasts from sagging begins before the baby is born. As your pregnancy progresses, your breasts will become larger. Keep up with their growth by purchasing larger bras.

Step 2

Monitor your weight gain during pregnancy. According to the Mayo Clinic, weight gain of between 25 to 35 pounds is the right amount for someone who is a healthy weight when she becomes pregnant. Someone who is underweight should gain more, while someone who is overweight should gain less.

Step 3

Keep your skin well moisturized. Keeping the skin well moisturized can keep it stay pliable and rebound from stretching a little easier. While there are many creams and lotions specifically directed at pregnant women, any moisturizing cream will benefit your skin.

Step 4

After you give birth, invest in new bras. If you are nursing, expect to go through several sizes. When your baby is young and nursing frequently, your breasts will probably remain relatively large. As your baby develops a regular schedule and begins to add solid food to his diet, your breast will begin to return to their pre-pregnancy size.

Step 5

Lose pregnancy weight at a moderate pace. While it is tempting to whittle away those pregnancy pounds as quickly as possible, losing the weight slowly has many benefits

Step 6

Lift weights to strengthen the muscles that support the chest and back. Exercising not only helps you lose weight and relieve stress, but it also can strengthen the muscles that support the breast tissue.

Lastly is to be patient. Your body will not revert to its pre-pregnancy shape overnight. So don’t forget, all you need are well-fitted bras, moisturizer and lose your weights slowly.

Reference: Dwlison, SD (2013), How to prevent breast sagging after pregnancy
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