Bizzy Body
Masculine Slimming Treatment

Weight Management Program

Reshape the body with a combination of slimming ginseng wrap and heat blanket.

Masculine Tummy Flat Treatment

Penetrates deep-lying structures underneath the skin short pulsating waves to reduce fat deposits.

LipoKnead Massage – 2 PART (20mins)

Breaks down fat deposits, improves skin elasticity & eliminates accumulated toxins with the application of ginger oil and cream.

Infrared Heat Blanket + Slimming Contour Wrap

A comprehensive programme specially formulated for first-time clients who are totally new to slimming and have not undergone any slimming programs prior.

G5 BodyShape Massage

Uses vibration technology to help break down stubborn fats.

E-Synergy Advanced Dual Slim Treatment

This treatment combines two special technologies to combat the yo-yo weight cycle & get rid of fat deposits and excessive body fluids.

*Individual results may vary.