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Paul Gauguin Cruises specializes in providing a unique onboard experience on its 5+ star m/s Paul Gauguin. Affectionately known as The Gauguin, its world-class voyages beautifully cruise the waterways of Tahiti, the South Pacific, Fiji and French Polynesia with grace, where sophistication is brought to its customers through entertainment and authentic Polynesian activities from a staff dedicated to serving guests.

Guests are encouraged to enjoy The Gauguin's top-notch amenities, which also include superb spirits and round-the-clock- room service for seven to 14 nights at an exceptional value. The Gauguin experience also comes complete with gastronomical treats fit for a king or queen as legendary chefs put their guests' pallets to the test with imaginative cuisines. With close attention to detail, The Gauguin brings a host of adventures alive from kayaking, windsurfing and paddle boarding to extensive tours through Polynesia's iconic treasures and culture.

In September 2019, Paul Gauguin Cruises joined PONANT's family, a designer of inspiring voyages onboard small exploration ships.

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Paul Gauguin also keeps its travel agents in mind by offering a 10% base commission rate. The cruise line also helps travel professionals market to their clients efficiently by providing important information, different marketing strategies, and regular updates.

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