DNA Slim
Signature Program


DNA·Slim™ Prep Basic Program – 5 Visits

A detox & metabolism activating program that helps prepare the body prior to commencing DNA weight loss program.
This program is actually an initial stage to focus mainly on detoxification to prepare the body for optimum result before the body start to burn all the fat.

DNA·Slim™ Prep Advance Program – 10 Visits

This program is basically similar as the normal Prep Basic Program, but the visit of the treatment double times the original one. This is suitable for those people who would want a quick result. This intensive program is focusing on detoxification and metabolism activation to prepare the body for optimum weight loss during the subsequent DNA-customized Burn program.

DNA·Slim™ Burn Program

Our signature program: A customized weight loss program which will reduce your weight with 100% success guaranteed. This specific treatment is specifically concentrate on the individual genetic profile based on the person’s DNA. Therefore, the weight loss program will be as accurate as your DNA as we will personally customized a DNA formulation power dose for you to overcome your weight loss.

*Individual results may vary